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Avoiding Back Surgery I Cenk Integrated Health

So why do some patients not seek the conservative, non-surgical approach to pain and wellness? Why are some patients so quick to have surgery, when alternatives do exist? This is a hard question to answer and one thing that we try to do in our practice is to give our patients all of the data about what is at stake. But with that being said, surgery can not be undone, therefore we believe a conservative approach is the best place to start. Read More

The Power is in YOU I Cenk Integrated Health

YOU have the inherent ability to heal yourself if you simply will allow your body the opportunity to perform as it was intended. Read More

Chiropractic After Back Surgery

when a joint has been fused, either artificially through surgical hardware or the natural progression of a disease process, then that joint can no longer reap the benefit of being adjusted. However, the joints above and below the level of fusion are 100% allowed to be adjusted. In fact, they need chiropractic now more than ever. Read More

Why Discs Don't Slip!

DISCS DON'T SLIP!!! They can bulge, herniate, protrude, extrude, desiccate, prolapse and rupture, but they don't slip. Why is this an important fact? Simply because it gives the back pain sufferer an inaccurate perception of what is actually causing their problem. Read More

Bloggin about our huge noggin!!!

For every one inch your head moves out in front of your body it increases your perceived head weight by 15 pounds and it increases the amount of muscular effort by 10-fold. Read More

But My Spine Is Fine!

The difference between preventive medicine and chiropractic care Read More

Viewing 1 - 6 out of 6 posts


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