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What's the Most Common Cause of Back Surgery? I Cenk Integrated Health

Unfortunately, more people will get back surgery in the United States today because of one VERY STRANGE CAUSE. Most people will get back surgery because THEY HAVE ALREADY HAD BACK SURGERY!!! Read More

The Power is in YOU I Cenk Integrated Health

YOU have the inherent ability to heal yourself if you simply will allow your body the opportunity to perform as it was intended. Read More

Forward Head Carriage aka. Tech Neck I Cenk Integrated Health

It is imperative that we stretch the tight muscle groups that are folding us forward while simultaneously strengthening the posterior musculature that is designed to keep us upright. Read More

Why Discs Don't Slip!

DISCS DON'T SLIP!!! They can bulge, herniate, protrude, extrude, desiccate, prolapse and rupture, but they don't slip. Why is this an important fact? Simply because it gives the back pain sufferer an inaccurate perception of what is actually causing their problem. Read More

Bloggin about our huge noggin!!!

For every one inch your head moves out in front of your body it increases your perceived head weight by 15 pounds and it increases the amount of muscular effort by 10-fold. Read More

Psoas, I Was Saying...

Not all low back pain comes from the spine. Well, not exactly. An often-overlooked culprit is an incredibly powerful muscle known as the Psoas. Read More

Why everybody should Decompress!!! I Cenk Integrated Health

There are no guarantees in life except "death and taxes". There is one other guarantee to everyone born on our big ball of dirt (Earth), that is GRAVITY. It pulls us down onto earth at an alarmingly powerful rate of 9.8 meters per second squared (m/sec2). But the only thing that reverses the effects of gravity is spinal decompression. Read More

Viewing 1 - 7 out of 7 posts


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