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Treat Long Covid-19 with Oxygen? I Cenk Integrated Health

The inflammatory cytokine storm that is the hallmark sign of Covid-19 depletes the amount of Nitric Oxide in the bloodstream and therefore allows for myospasm of the small blood vessels with resultant hypoxia (oxygen deprivation). This ends up creating neurocognitive impairment and fatigue in the long term, thus Long Covid. Read More

When Good Medicine Goes BAD!!! I Cenk Integrated Health

Over the past 2 and a half years we have been subjected to the most egregious quasi-scientific, experimental propaganda campaign ever launched in the history of the human race. Our political/scientific leaders (whom none of us voted for - they were appointed) took it upon themselves to carry out the greatest scam with all of us being the "dupes". These political/scientific leaders became celebrities whose opinions were considered above reproach (Fauci, Birx, Collins, Gupta). Dr. Fauci even had the audacity to call himself "science". Read More

Inflammation....A Literal Death Sentence I Cenk Integrated Health

INFLAMMATION is the key to US MORTALITY RATES. Somehow, the US spends more money on healthcare than the rest of the world put together and we are still RANKED 77th IN MORTALITY and 191st IN LONGEVITY. Read More

Why is the FDA suppressing Pfizer Vaccine Data? I Cenk Integrated Health

Why is the FDA suppressing Pfizer Vaccine Data? Read More


Let's consider Covid-19. As of last week, the CDC changed its stats of "fatalities from Covid only" to 5% of total deaths. And increased the average amount of comorbidities to 4! Read More

Viewing 1 - 10 out of 10 posts


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