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What's the Most Common Cause of Back Surgery? I Cenk Integrated Health

Unfortunately, more people will get back surgery in the United States today because of one VERY STRANGE CAUSE. Most people will get back surgery because THEY HAVE ALREADY HAD BACK SURGERY!!! Read More

A Return to Common Decency I Cenk Integrated Health

Something strange and disturbing has started and progressively worsened since the onset of the Covid-19 PLandemic in January 2020. Read More

Your Health and YOUR RESPONSIBILTY! I Cenk Integrated Health

From the moment that we are born until our last breath, health is ultimately our responsibility. Along this journey called life, we have lots of decisions to make in regard to our health and well-being. Today, information is readily available to us via the internet. Some of this information is good and some of it is not. Read More

Do We Have Health care or Sickness Care in the US? I Cenk Integrated Health

We live in an incredibly liberal society! And we use pharmaceuticals incredibly liberally. Read More

Stem Cell treatment for Tendonitis I Cenk Integrated Health

If you have Carpal tunnel syndrome, Achilles Tendonitis, hip or shoulder bursitis, plantar fasciitis, a rotator cuff tear, a hamstring or quadricep strain, knee pain, or an ankle sprain. Find out the benefits of Acoustic Wave Therapy prior to undergoing any surgical intervention for a musculoskeletal condition. Read More

Treat Long Covid-19 with Oxygen? I Cenk Integrated Health

The inflammatory cytokine storm that is the hallmark sign of Covid-19 depletes the amount of Nitric Oxide in the bloodstream and therefore allows for myospasm of the small blood vessels with resultant hypoxia (oxygen deprivation). This ends up creating neurocognitive impairment and fatigue in the long term, thus Long Covid. Read More

Avoiding Back Surgery I Cenk Integrated Health

So why do some patients not seek the conservative, non-surgical approach to pain and wellness? Why are some patients so quick to have surgery, when alternatives do exist? This is a hard question to answer and one thing that we try to do in our practice is to give our patients all of the data about what is at stake. But with that being said, surgery can not be undone, therefore we believe a conservative approach is the best place to start. Read More

A return to "UNCOMMON SENSE"!!! I Cenk Integrated Health

If you are anything like me, you remember when someone did something seemingly obviously correct, one would say that they were blessed with "common sense". Simple things like using your turn signal when changing lanes to having your children behave appropriately in a restaurant were signs of "common sense". Such is not the case in our society any longer. "Common sense" doesn't seem to be that common. Case in point..... Our Federal Government and their appointed healthcare consultants indicated in 2020-2021 that the Pfizer and Moderna "vaccines" were 95% effective at reducing the transmission and infection rate of Covid-19. Read More

Worrisome Trends in Back Pain Management I Cenk Integrated Health

The rate of diagnostic imaging (MRI) usage, leading to surgical intervention, has increased considerably since 2013. Unfortunately, Allegheny County has the highest density of orthopedics and neurosurgeons in the world. Our surgical clinicians perform more spinal surgeries per capita than anywhere else in the world. Mind you, this is not something we want to be #1 in. Almost as a cruel irony, none of the healthcare systems in Allegheny County are ranked in the Top 20 nationally when it comes to spinal surgery outcomes. Read More

You don't have to travel to Mexico or Canada! I Cenk Integrated Health

Just 4 weeks ago a new patient started one of our treatment protocols for Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) after a relatively strange recommendation from her orthopedic surgeon. She was under his care for an advanced case of Achilles tendonitis with a heel spur. Read More

Do I Have Frozen Shoulder? I Cenk Integrated Health

Lately, we have been seeing a lot of cases of frozen shoulder in our office. This is normally a condition that one would associate with someone who had had a lot of injuries to the shoulder or who was older, but the cases we have been seeing are in younger people. Read More

Effective Relief for Low Back Pain I Cenk Integrated Health

There are many reasons for low back pain. They range from disc issues to pinched nerves. The type of treatment that you should get depends on the type of problem that you have. In our office, we have many years of experience dealing with the low back because we have treated many patients with these complaints. Further our office is particularly suited to help you because we have treatment tools, such as decompression tables, class IV lasers, and treatment protocols to get you well and keep you staying well. Read More

Medicine... It's about INCOMES, not OUTCOMES!

As a country, we spend more than twice as much on healthcare dollars per person as any other wealthy nation in the world. Yet, we are literally dead last in morbidity/mortality (pun intended). Read More

Holiday Stress is Around the Corner I Cenk Integrated Health

BRING ON THE CORTISOL, the stress hormone that leads to weight gain and kicks the crap out of your adrenal glands! Read More

Oxygen... Who Needs It???? I Cenk Integrated Health

We have become a society of "mouth breathers"! This has unfortunately resulted in a population of shallow mouth breathers who have diminished Forced Vital Capacities (low oxygen volume exchange). Read More

The Power is in YOU I Cenk Integrated Health

YOU have the inherent ability to heal yourself if you simply will allow your body the opportunity to perform as it was intended. Read More

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