An ASPIRIN a day helps the Doctor stay!!!

An ASPIRIN a day helps the Doctor stay!!!

Most people believe that all medical procedures and prescribed/OTC drugs are scientifically proven or valid.  Unfortunately, there could be nothing further from the truth!  Case in point... ASPIRIN.

How many people are currently taking an aspirin each day because their MD instructed them to do so?  Estimates by the FDA indicate that anywhere from 45-55% of the US adult population above the age of 50 currently take an 81mg aspirin daily as recommended by their PCP.  Based upon this massive intake of salicylic acid (aspirin), one would have to believe that there would be substantial medical scientific evidence backing up the use of aspirin.  Correct?   Not so fast!

Numerous medical trials and Meta-analyses have proven that taking an aspirin each day is actually more harmful than beneficial.  "We found that aspirin did reduce cardiovascular events by a modest 11%, with a number needed to treat to prevent one event of 265, but it also increased major bleeding, such as serious G-I bleed, intracranial bleed, or bleed needing hospitalization or transfusion by 43%.  That is a number needed to harm 210."  Sean Zheng, BM, BCh, King's College Hospital, London, UK.  "I think the US guidelines should change to not routinely recommending aspirin in primary prevention for any group, and our date should help in that regard," he said.

Three trials published in 2018 specifically addressed this issue and yet nothing changed.  These were the ARRIVE, ASCEND, and ASPREE trials.  All 3 demonstrated the lack of efficacy in the routine utilization of aspirin in primary prevention.  

The integral question would then be:  Why is aspirin still being prescribed?  Very simple...  Dogma and $$$$$$

Back in 2003, an editorial written in the February issue of JAMA indicated that "2-3% of Medical Procedures are not scientifically valid, which means that they cannot stand up to the Gold Standard of science, the Double-Blinded, Randomized, Controlled Trial (DBRCT)."  I like to think of it in the opposite!!!  This means that 97-98% of all Medical Procedures are not scientifically valid.  

Think of this when you consider the Public Health policies instituted since the onset of Covid-19?!?! 

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