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Medical Science - A perpetual Oxymoron I Cenk Integrated Health

Statins are the most prescribed class of drugs in the US over the past 30 years. If these drugs rendered any benefit whatsoever, the US would not be the only developed nation to have the leading cause of death as heart disease. Read More

Spinal Stenosis I Cenk Integrated Health

Spinal Stenosis can be a scary, life-changing diagnosis. Many people may experience pain and numbness in their arms, hands, legs, or feet, and in severe cases, bowel and bladder dysfunction. Read More

BALANCE is everything!!!! I Cenk Integrated Health

Quality and quantity of life depend upon an individual's ability to avoid falls! The single most common reason for admission to an assisted living home in the US is Injuries Sustained in a Fall! Read More

Nitric it in you?

We can help people who suffer from high blood pressure, impotence, poor nerve function and more...we offer free saliva tests to determine if you are at risk. Read More

Covid Stats That Just Aren't Being Discussed

Here are a few important questions to ask yourself and others in your circle. Which country leads the world in total Covid-19 cases? Who then leads the world in Covid-19 deaths? And the answer is...The United States of America. Now hold on just a cotton pickin' minute, the US can't possibly lead the world in both, what with all of the masking, "vaccinations" and lockdowns, that just can't be true. Read More

To Mask or Not To Mask? That is the Question....

School districts around the country have re-instituted masking policies and some companies are still requiring employees to mask up at work. To what end? The question to ask? Based upon what scientific evidence? Read More

Why Medicine Fosters Type II Diabetes!!!

Type ll Diabetes is not a disease process!!!! It is a lifestyle decision that the majority of US Citizens fail to comprehend. Medicine understands it all too well and also understands that it is much more profitable to "manage" Type ll Diabetes than it is to prevent or cure Type ll Diabetes! Read More

Not Every Bad Headache is a Migraine

People are always self-diagnosing themselves as being "migraine' sufferers, but there are several different types of debilitating headaches that have similar presentations and require very different courses of action in order to correct them. Read More

Fingernails, Scratching the Surface of Underlying Conditions

Imperfections in your fingernails could be your body's way of telling you something is wrong. They are a great starting point for any sharp-eyed doctor who takes the time to look (assuming your nails aren't painted or covered with acrylics that is). Some of the most common types of nail abnormalities are... Read More

Putting Out the Fires of Inflammation

some anti-inflammatory substitutions that you can make at the grocery store Read More

Inflammation....A Literal Death Sentence

INFLAMMATION is the key to US MORTALITY RATES. Somehow, the US spends more money on healthcare than the rest of the world put together and we are still RANKED 77th IN MORTALITY and 191st IN LONGEVITY. Read More

Chiropractic After Back Surgery

when a joint has been fused, either artificially through surgical hardware or the natural progression of a disease process, then that joint can no longer reap the benefit of being adjusted. However, the joints above and below the level of fusion are 100% allowed to be adjusted. In fact, they need chiropractic now more than ever. Read More

Why Discs Don't Slip!

DISCS DON'T SLIP!!! They can bulge, herniate, protrude, extrude, desiccate, prolapse and rupture, but they don't slip. Why is this an important fact? Simply because it gives the back pain sufferer an inaccurate perception of what is actually causing their problem. Read More

Bloggin about our huge noggin!!!

For every one inch your head moves out in front of your body it increases your perceived head weight by 15 pounds and it increases the amount of muscular effort by 10-fold. Read More

Psoas, I Was Saying...

Not all low back pain comes from the spine. Well, not exactly. An often-overlooked culprit is an incredibly powerful muscle known as the Psoas. Read More

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