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The act of crackling or popping the back is referred to as "back cracking." It can be used to treat back pain, stiffness, muscle tension and much more. Although, it can be unsettling if an individual is not familiar with it, cracking is common and does not usually cause for alarm unless the cracking is accompanied by discomfort, swelling, or other symptoms.

At CENK Integrated Health, we have professional back cracking chiropractors in Pittsburgh, PA who safely do the process without causing any discomfort or pain. In fact, our patients enjoy the process and take it as a satisfying therapy.

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What is back cracking?

Cracking is also referred to as Crepitus. Some suggest that back cracking can be caused by moving the vertebral facet joints. Facet joints are joined together to form the spine, and they permit motion.

There is also a possibility that the facet joints may experience a reduction in pressure. The accumulation of gases within the joints is another theory. Some theory says the cracking sounds arise when the joints flex as someone stretches.

crack during a chiropractic

Why does the back crack during a chiropractic adjustment?

Back cracking chiropractors can relieve low back discomfort or joint pressure temporarily. Manual action is frequently used to treat back pain. These changes could be audible while in the process of treating the back and neck discomfort.

In our CENK clinics, chiropractor doctors routinely perform manual manipulation, sometimes called spinal adjustments, on the facet joints to ease stiffness, increase range of motion, and temporarily diminish pain. There is evidence that manual manipulation can reduce stiffness and increase the range of motion in the facet joints, as well as temporarily reduce pain.

Possible reasons for joint cracking during the chiropractic adjustments
The reasons why facet joints pop, fracture, or grind are as follows, but there is no universal agreement on what causes them to crack. Different people can experience cracking or grinding for different reasons.

  • Cavitation: An air cavity settles into the synovial fluid when a joint crack, creating a popping sound. A capsule of fluid surrounds each facet joint, providing lubrication and facilitating easy, comfortable movement.
  • Snapping of a ligament or tendon: In some cases, causing a snapping sound similar to that of a joint crack or pop can be caused by pulling a tight or tense ligament across the surface of a bone, cartilage, or another tendon or ligament.
  • Bone chopping: The cracking, popping, or grinding that can occur around a spinal joint is caused by degenerating cartilage. Overuse and age can lead to cartilage deterioration, resulting in bones scraped against one another, resulting in a popping or cracking sound.

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Image of woman getting massage. Why chiropractors crack your back?

The research regarding why it feels so pleasant to crack and pop joints are thin, but the movement's ability to reduce pain and inflammation may be one explanation.

But let’s not deny the guilty pleasure of feeling so good out of back cracking. Even though you can do numerous exercises to improve your posture and back, stretching your muscles, like cracking your back, still feels fantastic. This is because these muscles become tense and stressed when going through any demanding activities, such as spending a lot of time sitting in a chair in front of a computer. Cracking simply gives them the well-deserved movement as our bodies are not really designed to stay still for too long.

Breaking a habit also relieves muscle tension. While some people prefer simple stretching, some develop the habit of experiencing the crack that occurs when their range of motion is reached, according to our doctors.



Back cracking may have a number of advantages. These consist of:

• Pain management

Some people with chronic back pain may need a series of spinal manipulation procedures to address the root cause of the pain. Spinal manipulation may provide immediate relief for some people, but many people with chronic back pain may require multiple spinal manipulation procedures.

• Satisfaction

Anecdotal evidence suggests that some people find back cracking relaxing or soothing. In an older study, the cracking sound was associated with a feeling of comfort and relief.

• Increased motion range

It has been suggested in studies that when a joint’s stiffness breaks, its range of motion increases somewhat.

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Deep back cracking Pittsburgh, PA

Deep back cracking or popping can help patients in different ways. This process can deal with the trapped gases in the synovial fluid between the joints, which acts as a shock absorber between the joints and lubricates the thin edges of our bones.

Deep back cracking also helps the slightly misaligned tendon return to its proper position when the synovial fluid keeps the bones from rubbing against each other. Excessive bone friction can cause osteoarthritis or degeneration.

Joint motions are made possible by ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and other supporting tissues that cooperate to allow you to move the joint as freely as possible. For instance, cartilage is a connective tissue covering the ends of bones that reduces friction between them.

Image of woman getting adjustment.

Who needs chiropractic adjustment?

If you have undiagnosed pain in your neck, back, or knees that are not caused by severe arthritis, you might want to see a back cracking chiropractor. Just be sure that the chiropractor you see has the proper credentials. People who are usually healthy and not suffering from advanced arthritis stand to benefit most from chiropractic care. Those with sciatica or previous sports injuries are examples.

Chiropractic adjustments can also help individuals with frozen shoulder syndrome since they stretch shoulder muscles and decrease stiffness. Since alignment problems contribute to headaches, people with tension headaches or migraines are likely to benefit from chiropractic care.

CENK back popping chiropractors in Pittsburgh can help treat all of the symptoms, such as persistent pain, exhaustion, low energy, digestive problems, muscle aches, numbness, and tingling. Any of these problems can be treated with our top-notch, highly safe and reliable chiropractic therapy.

adjustments with a chiropractor cost

How much do adjustments with a chiropractor cost?

An adjustment can cost between $30 and $300 per visit, depending on where you live, why you need care, and who you see. CENK Chiropractic care varies widely in cost and can cost anywhere between the above rates.

Health insurance companies often provide coverage for chiropractic care. Your healthcare provider will be able to provide more detailed information about your plan. Even if your chiropractor doesn't accept insurance, you may still be entitled to compensation. Health savings accounts (HSAs) can cover chiropractic services.


Why us?

Choosing a therapist or chiropractor with specialized training and experience is important regarding chiropractic needs. You cannot rely on just anyone to provide chiropractic care. In order to receive the healing you require, you must identify a professional.

At our clinic, we have experts with the appropriate credentials and experience. In order to enrich the lives of our patients, CENK Back Cracking Chiropractors in Pittsburgh, PA are dedicated to assisting them with natural pain relief and health-restoring options. Our team of professional chiropractors ensures that our consumers are completely satisfied with their chiropractic treatment.


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